Nov 262015


Joined by many from Citizen on Fippy Darkpaw Server, and even more from elsewhere, we here at Modest Man are pleased to announce that we will be making the transition to the new Phinigel Timelocked Progression Server. This will be Daybreak Game’s first “No Box/bot” server, and we plan to capitalize with a superior, competitive raid-force. We are thankful for the experiences we got to enjoy on Lockjaw, and the friends we met along the way. We wish all of Midnight Phyre, Sad Dragons, and Ragnarrok the best of luck with their continued progress on Lockjaw.

For those looking to apply and join the ranks, we will be having a recruitment period open to any class(we encourage you play what you WANT to play, we will not force a class on you). Our Loot Distribution will be done mainly by DKP, with merit(loot council) that will only take effect once bidding reaches the set threshold. Plan to have scheduled raids with the instances, and to be competitive with the open world spawns. Forum Registration is quick and easy! Click Here to Apply!

Oct 272015

It’s been quite the interesting time over on Lockjaw, and we’re only starting.

Modest Man wasn’t a day 0 guild – it wasn’t even a serious day 1 guild, we only started seriously raiding and recruiting over a month into the server. I’m honored to lead this group of Modest men and women, and we’re only starting.

Modest Man lead the first Nagafen and Vox raids on the server, trumping all prior first kills in speed. Future members of Modest Man went onto kill the first Cazic Thule and Innoruuk. We also killed buffed EoV and Efreeti cycle before any other guild

Without further ado, the long awaited update. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

The journey begins with the original Modest Men..


Modest Vox kill

Lockjaw RIP

30 mage thug lfg

spiroc farming

nagafen loot okay

osnap systemwide

eov drake island pathing

sister farming

6 inches unbuffed

vox skelly corpse

nagafen terrible loot

yael phat loot

efreetis rip

dragonblade vs dom duel

flipped gulfein

eov monk belt

CT loot terrible

written on the wall

Modest ct kill

ct draco golem leash

Some fun times and quotes from our counterparts on the server! Since we’re not the only ones on the server now. Gotta have a good time with our pals.

darth emergency meeting idols

darth kithicor DEs

Golden Efreeti Gloves win

darth modest felon loot

modest felon whip

darth app trust nigga

darth statement exhausting

macros darth MQ accusation

darth powar pet tank concern

darth scared of pet

darth vs pet

darth vs pet corpse

RIP faceless guild

zaide modest fags

Zaide dont leave the server


yawg littlefinger

yawg 40% petwall

dupre warpower mommy and daddy

dupre vs overseer

faceless streaming wipe

darth warp hack

gay bar general leadership

AD poopsocking efreeti

sophiee darth lover

sophiee general drama

sophiee full retard

rip pofx

FG petwall draco

goofein fan


dima dick on the table

vallah dima scary

dragonblade gay subreddit

drug niggas dick

durth modest victory

affirmative action female officer

fasc dima backend

fasc tower dickpix

fasc dima butthole

fasc dima racist russians

fasc dima wigger bones lisp

fasc dima golden efreeti child

dejavu drink gay

flareon schooling

golden efreeti armor lootwhore hate

mabbu go fuck yourself

zaide golden efreeti shower

magicus tramps

Modest Man jugg

redaxe so white TV

wildy very modest

Kobra Forum Suspension

coach ric flair forsaken

actonup raidleader offer

awful meeting

aneuren box clothing

Modest Kool Aid

indo sounds better

plies stroke

pocket no homo

dominitus duel cupey

tulkas plague

youth big balls

pie shop secret ingredient

rogue backstab

szeria sweet tarts

tower pet hate

vallah we are gay

vice is black

warpower sick

sensei dick sucking

devout shield

sil bad faith actor

So, friends, that is our classic summary in a nutshell. Modest Man is swinging away at some good times, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

We’re looking for some Modest men and women to join our ranks. See an officer ingame for information!

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