About OGC

Thank you for your interest in the OGC!

Discord Information : https://discord.gg/tPpDHMUA

If you have any questions please seek out an officer in-game or discord; Phinigel.Froogle(Froogle#9226), Phinigel.Achievements, Phinigel.Forgoth, Phinigel.Tajin

About Us
Original Gangster Club is a group of old-school EverQuest players, some of whom have been raiding together for over 14+ years and have led extremely successful guilds on both Live and Progression servers. We have strong guild leadership, several of which have been officers in our last guild Citizen on Fippy Darkpaw throughout the course of the server. OGC was born and still resided on the Phinigel server. We pride ourselves as being the only TLP born guild to successfully clear in era content before another expansion is released, and continues to strive for that success.

We are a high performing guild that strives for continued efficiency and progress. On the flip side we also expect our members to have real lives outside of EverQuest! Does your partner want a night out? Spouse, child’s, or best friend’s birthday coming up? Please go, we’ll be okay! We do not expect you to be online 100% of the time and raiding at the expense of your in-person relationships! We do however strive for bettering our characters, and skill, not only on raids but outside of raids which is is an expectation to remain full membership status in OGC. We require 40% 30-Day Raid Attendance (RA) to maintain full membership status as well.

Our Raid Schedule
Our static raid days are Wednesday and Sunday. Although rare, raid days are subject to change during expansion launches or critical in era content clearing.

Raids start time is 6:00 PM CENTRAL with invites going out at 5:30 PM and run until we are finished, usually around 9:30-10:00 PM.

Recruitment Status: Recruitment is OPEN for ALL CLASSES!
Member Requirements:
Level 115 / 30000 AA
40% or above Raid Attendance
MPG Group Trials
DON Progression to Tier 4/5
2.0 Epic for desired classes
*Priest Classes: OOM Res Stick shows commitment and is highly suggested

We have a Friends and Family rank for individuals who do not meet full Recruitment requirements. You are still eligible to raid and earn loot at the Friends and Family rank. The guild is very supportive of helping people level and earn AA’s to meet requirements. You may app as long as you meet level and AA requirement and work on the remaining requirements during your application period.

We are open to all classes at this time, so even if your class is not listed on the high need list, please still apply.

Classes currently in HIGH need:


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