May 132019

Uh, hi guys. Puma is off doing Puma things and we’ve been updateless for quite some time. Like Underfoot is a rich expansion, this is a rich update! We are currently t-minus 1.5 weeks until House of Thule launches, so we’d like to show you what we’ve been up to and invite everyone to come be a part of the Family! Be gentle, this is my first time.

WE ARE RECRUITING! If you can cast any type of heal spell, send Azzira, Talanaa, Dysomku or Froogle a tell in game or apply on the forums! All exceptional players or those with mean meme game are welcome to apply. House of Thule is waiting for you!



This is record time; a big shout out to Rasputyn, Satoshi, Froogle and Scornn for leading raids, yelling at people and doing a ridiculous amount of DKP input. We started off the expansion with split raiding (4 badger splits, ladies and gentlemen. That is a lot of badger boppin’) the lower tiers and smashing through the rest!

Brell was defeated with 30 flags! And no one, definitely not two specific people, fell asleep during this.

We entered Convorteum with 54 strong, not at all eye-blood shot or caffeine-riddled, spicy comment-making people to knock on The First Creation’s door/hand/rings/it’s all very sexual.

Our first real challenge came with event 3. Who knew EverQuest had jump puzzles! However, once the event finally activated for us it was thank u, next!


Our second real challenge came with Event 4. Can you believe this beautiful face didn’t want to stay out of the lava?

Isn’t he so cute? ISN’T HE?

Since then, we’ve kept a comfortable schedule of split raiding Convorteum and recently accomplished the achievement Grand Slam for the first time ever in era! Huge congratulations and thank you to our team here at the OGC for absolutely crushing this expansion. There might have been some rage logs and some loud noises, but our core raiders never faltered.

This was only conceivable through much science and the participation of everyone involved. Maybe a little too much science sometimes..


Who plays with EVERYTHING on though, seriously?

In addition to that, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new PST raiding crew! These members are originally from The Broken Wave and have come under the OGC banner for support and to continue their raiding. If you are PST and cannot make OGC raid times but are interested in being part of the Family and raiding PST, we encourage you to get in contact with Tajin/Farcore or Myphats in game for more information! They will continue raiding Convorteum throughout House of Thule.

Thanks for all your hard work, Phonon.

We are eating our wheaties and gearing up for House of Thule now, see you soon*!

P.S. we miss you Danae!



P.P.P.S. The Obligatory Screenshots with people saying things we** think are hilarious!


*Please wait 1 to 3 months for next update.

**Dima took these, hilarity is subjective. 

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