Jul 252022

When I first joined Phinigel at the apex of classic there must have been 30 raiding guilds. Over time guilds started to fade out for any number of reasons (Stop at PoP players jumping ship to new TLPs, poor leadership, or bad strats leading to a lack of progression). Through all of the server attrition OGC stood strong and saw Phinigel to the very end. It’s been a wild ride folks! Phinigel had it’s fair share of funny moments, salty tears, and yes even scandals (none of which OGC were involved in…..probably). While the server is gone our stories will be forever told in every new TLP discord, because their 23rd TLP will never be as memorable as Phinigel.

OGC pioneered the way for how TLP guilds are ran today and we are looking forward to recruiting members to Vox and doing same with live content.

As of 7/19/2022 we spent our last night on Phinigel as the EQ Dev team played the last call song and sent us on our way to Vox. We’re happy to report that we’ve officially arrived to the Vox server (mostly intact)….I still don’t have my shared bank items *cough* HURRY UP AND GIVE ME MY ITEMS BACK *cough*.

How has Vox been so far? Actually it’s great! We now have a bazaar economy, general chat isn’t just full of people in our own guild, and there are actually other people besides us in the guild lobby / PoK. Our time alone in the wild has come to an end!

We also nailed down our first ToL T3 kill last night! A perfectly executed run at Oubliette ended in another victory for the OGC. Well done everyone!

Look I know you didn’t read anything above – you just came here for the screen shots so here they are you degenerates.

“Well done everyone. Room for improvement, but well done.” – Dima
Michael Vick made a guest appearance at our most recent guild meeting, so we had an underground Beastlord pet fight.
What’s a good underground fight without some gambling, and sore losers?
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