Jan 302022

Terror of Luclin raids are finally here!  By the way did that whole LUCK-LIN / LOOSE-LIN debate ever get settled? Also apparently there is an entire Akhevan language out there, so if you’ve ever wanted to discuss this long lost language that no one cares about or wants to hear about in the middle of raids….now is your chance to impress the women of Norrath with that big brain of yours.

P.S. DPG if you’re looking for a creative writer to help sell your next expansion, I’m available. Head shot and credentials below.

Moving on… As a TLP guild that made it to live we were excited to hit fresh content, and guess what we found?  That’s right, more goddamn time locked progression.  Like a seductive mistress, the EQ development team has teased our desire for progression by allowing us to only use the T1P (see what I did there?). 

To the developers credit it’s been real nice having 3 separate raid targets in one zone that aren’t required to be killed sequentially, for once we can spend more killing raid targets than we do killing expeditions.

Anyways we have T1 of ToL on lock down and have been spending our additional free time catching some of our new/returning members up on old cheevos, you’re welcome KeLvaEn….

In other news server merges have been announced and Phinigel will be merging into the Vox server.  What does this mean for us?  Great things!  New friends, open raids, and a thriving economy to name a few.  If I’m being honest it will be nice to see someone besides Dima talking in general chat. 

This would also be a great time to mention that we are recruiting! We’ve got the best corporate benefits here at the club folks…get those applications in and join us as we embark on a new adventures on Vox.

Also we can officially dispense with back on Fippy, and replace it with back on Phini. We can reminisce about our time on Phini with things like “Remember back on Phini when Madman and Duprix used to engage in a calm and respectful manner about the finer points of playing a Shadow Knight?”

Anyways let’s get to the good stuff…

Our guild meetings are always professional

Warriors Unite!

The lore in this expansion is lacking and the only cure is more Mayong…..

Remember that time Dima thought there was a Rumblecrush raid in ToL?

Do the AP they said…it will be fun they said….

Bonus Screen Shots!

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