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I’m not even sorry for this .gif set.

Salutations! This is a quickie, sorry friends. We are at the end of Rain of Fear; the sun has come out and the rain has dried up. We are heading into Call of the Forsaken in approximately 9 days! Rain of Fear was a wonderful, rich expansion that kept us busy. Call of the Forsaken shouldn’t give us any trouble, but with a shortened lockout of 2 months, there is plenty to do!

Join the family!

All classes are open, and you can head over here to our recruitment thread to check out requirements. If you are coming over from another guild or cross server, there might be additional incentives to join. Some of us have a vendetta to settle with TBM, so if you are looking for a stable and long term place to hang your shield, we’re here for you!

This year marks the first birthday year for the original Phinigel launchers with pretty rainbow names, and we did not hesitate to take a group photo!

Happy Birthday Phinigel!

For Call of the Forsaken, we’re taken back to time travel?! Basically, some big dragon lady busted through the time-space continuum and ripped apart the beaneathaverse and now there’s all these realities. Remember Plane of Time A-F or however many there were during Seeds of Destruction? It’s like that, but worse. Plus there’s a previously undiscovered completely thriving FOURTH GATE? Of NERIAK? Lanys? Bixies?! UNDEAD THINGS THAT NEVER STOP?! ASH PEOPLE??

I won’t lie, I flew too close to the sun this expansion and finished everything way too quickly. I am foaming at the mouth to get at some more shinies and cheevos! Anyway, we’re all primed and ready to go bustin’ up some bad guys and tape up the cosmos. We are combat ready!

Until the next update, here’s some quotes to hold you over:

Puma getting t-bagged like the d-bag he is.

As always,

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