Mar 222020

Greetings! Call of the Forsaken is almost over and this update comes to you a little belated for multiple reasons.. first and foremost, Call of the Forsaken is a mighty short expansion with a lot of quick raids. Secondly, I have been MIA because life punched me in the cooter and no one else wants to do this shit. LEGGO!

From start to finish, CotF took 8 days to beat due to artificial locks! We are really proud of everyone who crushed through progression content with the weird unlock schedules the last few expansions have given us. I want to give a huge shout out to everyone who has been doing the Lort’s work. The reality is that we can’t progress without the lifeblood of the guild, so thank you.

We are recruiting! Check out our forums here for more information! We are looking for people who are interested in late game expansions and progressing to live! If you want to check it out, heroic characters are now a thing here on Phinigel! Not only that, so are Heroic Adventures! Come join us, we’d love to have you. It’s a great time to get back into it with the ‘rona and social distancing! The Darkened Sea launches next week!

So let’s start from the beginning, shall we? I am not sure if I briefed you on the lore of this expansion, but basically this blind dragon accidentally ripped through space and time and caused a bunch of different realities to co-exist but we have to close them before Norrath collapses! This expansion takes place in THE ETHERNERE! Which is kind of like the beneathaverse or the upside down. Our first task is beating up the cultists and saving the blind bitch in question:

Once we saved her (the first time: foreshadowing!), we had to go exterminate some bugs. I’m including both Bixie 1 and Bixie 2 win in this, even though Bixie 2 was the *only* T1b raid that was not included in the launch. I think we had the most fun on Bixie 2 due to the all of the BAZZAZZLING that went on.

Once we finished off the bees, we headed to the luscious Dead Hills. This is where the weird cult people came in that wanted to worship/eat/nefarious intentions the blind dragon. Dead Hills was easy-peasy Xulous-squeezy.

.. and then we went to FOURTH GATE! You know, the lesser known Neriak area where our beloved King and Queen live. Can I just say? They’ve got some uh, issues. Some reeeeal issues, and their son is a real Prince if you catch my drift.

Once Day 8 came around, we busted through Tower of Rot and Argin-Hiz and the final mission. Tower of Rot consisted of two events where we beat up Kyle’s guards and then beat up Kyle + guards. Yeah, the third to end boss in this expansion’s name is Kyle.

The final event, Journey Home, was not much to write home about. We had to beat Zeb up, beat Lanys up (seriously, when will you learn?) Honestly, this entire expansion was short. We’re glad it was only a 2 month wait until round two with The Darkened Sea.

If the expansion win wasn’t exciting enough for you, I have some amazing news. The #FreeMoncs campaign that has been going on for the last few expansions has an update! Moncs is free and has returned home to the Club.

And if that’s TOO exciting for you, here’s a picture of Plane of War, literally no one’s favorite zone. We did manage to get Plane of War down in era and as a server-first, an achievement we are proud of! Congrats to Theka & crew for crushing Plane of War access and killing the Grandmaster!

Even though raids are quick and short, there was tons to do in off-hours. Everyone is working hard and getting achievements! There’s plenty going on in guild chat, too.

In addition to that, we had many guildies finish the beeterfly illusion! I call it that because while it is technically a butterfly by name, it is bee by design.

The next expansion is coming up quick! The Darkened Sea releases next week and we are excited to move on.

Please enjoy the rest of my screenshot dump, and thanks to everyone who contributed! Also enjoy our unofficial test roster.

See you next time,


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