Jul 032020

We came, We saw, We Conquered. The Darkened Sea The Broken Mirror has been defeated! TBM was one of the richest expansions to date. With 2 whole zones totally identical but just seperated by the click of an item….and a rehash of everyones favorite Planar zones, Fear, Hate, and Decay… as if we did not get enough fear/hate in classic! *rolls eyes* It is cool though to see our raid leader Rasputyn make an appearance this expansion, and hey at least we got to go back and kill Grummus for Duprix!

I have to say, The Darkened Sea Broken Mirror was quite the different expansion with it’s severe lack of creativity and introduction of type 5 augs, forcing an entire gear overhaul. However despite the instances being broken, NPC’s hitting for 200k, servers going down, and certain TLP’s being unplayable… TBM has not stopped us here at the Club on Phinigel from clearing the expansion! Even if it was basically killing the same NPC 3 times over…So if you are looking for a home, or place to raid! come on over!

Join The Family

Join The Family

If you are Sampsonite an Enchanter or Cleric, Salben has a special offer for you!

Otherwise all classes are open, and you can head over to our recruitment thread to check out our requirements. If you are coming over from another guild or cross server, there might be additional incentives to join. so if you are looking for a stable and long term place to raid than join us on the road to live. I have even heard rumour that we might be seeing some new enchanters Sampsonsite in the near future?! So all classes are welcome! who could it be?

Join The Family

It is hard to believe we are 22 expansions into this shit show, with only 4 more to go until we hit live! It’s truly been incredible raiding along side each and everyone of you throughout the last 4 years! looking forward to the continued ride to live! Some shout outs to our MIA brothers and sisters doing their real life game! #BringBackJeffy #MoncsBabyComeBack #TacaraWeNeedYou See you all when you return!

Tacara, Come back <3

Empires of Kunark is on the horizon, and I personally can’t wait to afk after 2 weeks go back to 2001 and kill some dragons! For now I will sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

I leave you with the immortal words of Rencor


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Mar 222020

Greetings! Call of the Forsaken is almost over and this update comes to you a little belated for multiple reasons.. first and foremost, Call of the Forsaken is a mighty short expansion with a lot of quick raids. Secondly, I have been MIA because life punched me in the cooter and no one else wants to do this shit. LEGGO!

From start to finish, CotF took 8 days to beat due to artificial locks! We are really proud of everyone who crushed through progression content with the weird unlock schedules the last few expansions have given us. I want to give a huge shout out to everyone who has been doing the Lort’s work. The reality is that we can’t progress without the lifeblood of the guild, so thank you.

We are recruiting! Check out our forums here for more information! We are looking for people who are interested in late game expansions and progressing to live! If you want to check it out, heroic characters are now a thing here on Phinigel! Not only that, so are Heroic Adventures! Come join us, we’d love to have you. It’s a great time to get back into it with the ‘rona and social distancing! The Darkened Sea launches next week!

So let’s start from the beginning, shall we? I am not sure if I briefed you on the lore of this expansion, but basically this blind dragon accidentally ripped through space and time and caused a bunch of different realities to co-exist but we have to close them before Norrath collapses! This expansion takes place in THE ETHERNERE! Which is kind of like the beneathaverse or the upside down. Our first task is beating up the cultists and saving the blind bitch in question:

Once we saved her (the first time: foreshadowing!), we had to go exterminate some bugs. I’m including both Bixie 1 and Bixie 2 win in this, even though Bixie 2 was the *only* T1b raid that was not included in the launch. I think we had the most fun on Bixie 2 due to the all of the BAZZAZZLING that went on.

Once we finished off the bees, we headed to the luscious Dead Hills. This is where the weird cult people came in that wanted to worship/eat/nefarious intentions the blind dragon. Dead Hills was easy-peasy Xulous-squeezy.

.. and then we went to FOURTH GATE! You know, the lesser known Neriak area where our beloved King and Queen live. Can I just say? They’ve got some uh, issues. Some reeeeal issues, and their son is a real Prince if you catch my drift.

Once Day 8 came around, we busted through Tower of Rot and Argin-Hiz and the final mission. Tower of Rot consisted of two events where we beat up Kyle’s guards and then beat up Kyle + guards. Yeah, the third to end boss in this expansion’s name is Kyle.

The final event, Journey Home, was not much to write home about. We had to beat Zeb up, beat Lanys up (seriously, when will you learn?) Honestly, this entire expansion was short. We’re glad it was only a 2 month wait until round two with The Darkened Sea.

If the expansion win wasn’t exciting enough for you, I have some amazing news. The #FreeMoncs campaign that has been going on for the last few expansions has an update! Moncs is free and has returned home to the Club.

And if that’s TOO exciting for you, here’s a picture of Plane of War, literally no one’s favorite zone. We did manage to get Plane of War down in era and as a server-first, an achievement we are proud of! Congrats to Theka & crew for crushing Plane of War access and killing the Grandmaster!

Even though raids are quick and short, there was tons to do in off-hours. Everyone is working hard and getting achievements! There’s plenty going on in guild chat, too.

In addition to that, we had many guildies finish the beeterfly illusion! I call it that because while it is technically a butterfly by name, it is bee by design.

The next expansion is coming up quick! The Darkened Sea releases next week and we are excited to move on.

Please enjoy the rest of my screenshot dump, and thanks to everyone who contributed! Also enjoy our unofficial test roster.

See you next time,

Jan 202020


I’m not even sorry for this .gif set.

Salutations! This is a quickie, sorry friends. We are at the end of Rain of Fear; the sun has come out and the rain has dried up. We are heading into Call of the Forsaken in approximately 9 days! Rain of Fear was a wonderful, rich expansion that kept us busy. Call of the Forsaken shouldn’t give us any trouble, but with a shortened lockout of 2 months, there is plenty to do!

Join the family!

All classes are open, and you can head over here to our recruitment thread to check out requirements. If you are coming over from another guild or cross server, there might be additional incentives to join. Some of us have a vendetta to settle with TBM, so if you are looking for a stable and long term place to hang your shield, we’re here for you!

This year marks the first birthday year for the original Phinigel launchers with pretty rainbow names, and we did not hesitate to take a group photo!

Happy Birthday Phinigel!

For Call of the Forsaken, we’re taken back to time travel?! Basically, some big dragon lady busted through the time-space continuum and ripped apart the beaneathaverse and now there’s all these realities. Remember Plane of Time A-F or however many there were during Seeds of Destruction? It’s like that, but worse. Plus there’s a previously undiscovered completely thriving FOURTH GATE? Of NERIAK? Lanys? Bixies?! UNDEAD THINGS THAT NEVER STOP?! ASH PEOPLE??

I won’t lie, I flew too close to the sun this expansion and finished everything way too quickly. I am foaming at the mouth to get at some more shinies and cheevos! Anyway, we’re all primed and ready to go bustin’ up some bad guys and tape up the cosmos. We are combat ready!

Until the next update, here’s some quotes to hold you over:

Puma getting t-bagged like the d-bag he is.

As always,

Nov 292019

Salutations, friends! I apologize, this update came a bit later than expected. Unfortunately, it was locked behind an artificial invisible gate and I had to wait out the timer before posting. Welcome back everyone! We’ve tromped through Rain of Fear and now it’s farm time until Call of the Forsaken! If you’d like some music to play while perusing the update, please click here.

Great news! Rain of Fear brought us to 100 but Call of the Forsaken has no level cap increase! That means if you have been on the fence about returning, now is a perfect time with bonus XP and the fact that you have 4 months to get to 100! We are recruiting, so head over to our forums to check us out or send an in-game tell to Azzira, Wrexyou, Froogle or Nokkard!

Let us begin!


Rain of Fear is a super fun expansion! Between all of the quest and achievement rewards you can get, the SHINIES, and the sheer amount of raid encounters available; there is so much to do. Without mini’s or ToV, there are 17 raid bosses to murder. Throw in the ~5,000 dragons and you’ve got yourself a party of non-stop loot.

The launch went about as expected, with only Tier 1 & 2 releasing initially. Thankfully, they forced the unlock for Tier 3 & 4 about a week and a half later, so everyone who was at work in the middle of the day really appreciated that! In all seriousness though, we are very happy we did not have to wait four weeks to kill Xaric.

Please join us in the re-enactment of our adventures through Rain of Fear! Picture it, 54 people in gumboots and raincoats, umbrella’s at the ready for the storm ahead..

We started Launch Day #1 in Shard’s Landing. Shard’s Landing is probably one of my favorite raids purely because there’s a murderer. Back on Fippy┬«, 95% of the murderers ended up being women in the guild. Because of the nature of the event, Satoshi was kind enough to set up a betting ring for kronos and platinum. You know who’s been having a case of the stabby stabbies lately?

(Priests, it’s the priests.)

So we murdered some people, saved King Tormax, punched a random dwarf in the coot-coot, murdered two dragons that start with the letter Z, burned some trees and stuck some pigs. It was overall a very successful night considering the average level in the raid was 97 and we one-shot everything! Shout out to everyone who worked hard on getting tasks done to make our raid night quick and easy!

Launch Day #2 we discovered half of our guild crashes to shrouding and we poked some brownies, minotaurs and eyeballs! This night was also a slam-dunk*!

*Fireballs are not friends.
*This is still technically a 1-shot

In reality, Chapterhouse and Xorbb went really well! At this point we’re able to get Findlewill down before she even casts her disgusting Fireball, and we’ve gotten TWO (2) bi-folds so far!

Launch Day #3 we were still in the midst of trying to get T3&4 unlocked so that we can continue on our journey, ultimately we decided to hit up Temple of Veeshan.

It’s pretty much the same thing as last time but now Vulak is slightly harder. He was the first mob we had a bit of trouble on, but we got him down and threatened to delete Ngreth’s shoulders.

With everything on lockout, it’s time to focus on what really matters. Beautiful, wonderful, not at all difficult to find shinies. Collectibles, if you’re a heathen. OGC is all about community and we even have an easy access Shiny House where people can deposit duplicates and take out what they need.

Shiny hiding in a broken box in Eastern Wastes.

At this point I’d like to take a moment and give a huge shout out and thank you to Froogle, the bootylicious rogue that does our DKP. He. Puts. In. Work. If you see him on the streets, you give him a tip of the hat, a slap on the butt and move on. Froogle is a protected asset, and most definitely an appreciated one.

Launch Day #12: It’s at this point on a Monday, mid-morning, T3 & T4 is unlocked. Those of us who were at home busted through the missions so we could raid on our off-night. It was an incredible turn out and we want to thank our members for their nerd-level dedication. We one shot Chelsith as well as Luclin.

I am ashamed to say that the only screenshot sent in by members for the front page update of Luclin was this:

Thanks, Chimero.

After Luclin, we went straight into Heart of Fear and started our night off with Glimpse. Our tanks had a bit of an issue on how to properly place the goos (or gooses if you’re Tacara and high on pain pills), and we also had a Satoshi Homocide Bonus where he killed one of our members by telling them to run away when they should have stacked.

Captured: Both bad goo placement and Dima’s amazingly bad Gina trigger that tells people to run away when they should have stacked.

Event 2 is a glorified trash clear, the only thing we discovered on that event was how to place more than one guild banner at a time. Honestly, the explanation of the event took about as long as the event did.

Event 3 was probably our biggest challenge this expansion, but it was a fun fight. We wiped twice and on our third try we got it, everyone having been deafened in voice comms from the excitement of our guild leader. It was a solid win!

Xaric doing his “come at me bro” pimp walk.
Might I propose a new OGC webpage banner?

Overall this expansion has been a good ride, each event has a fun unique mechanic and plenty of things to do outside of raids. As per usual, thank you to everyone here who logs in and puts in the work to crush these expansions so efficiently. From me, to you, we’re thankful you’re here.

There is a solid chance the front page will be in hibernation until the New Year, but never fear! We are still kickin’ it, so come join us! We’d love to have you.

In the spirit of inclusion: Happy Holidays, Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving (or Thursday, for our Canadians), Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year’s, Happy Donut Day, Happy whatever you do or do not celebrate. Happy all of the things! Fuck bitches, get money. Kill monsters, get loot.

Our Halloween table. PLEASE TAKE ONE!
Thanksgiving Feast!
YEAH, we put our tree up EARLY. WHATS UP?

Other notable things that happened:

Congratulations to Satoshi, our bonuses for DKP is now seriously out of control!

Congratulations to Satoshi, again, for being oddly accurate predicting server up!

Congratulations to Not Ryme for server first 100! Maybe it was Forgoth?

Congratulations to Madmanlizard for not clicking accept on your item before Forgoth kicked the instance!

Congratulations to Tacara for server first Lord Soptyvr illusion and server first Master Scavenger completion!

Congratulations to OGC for polluting the Guild Lobby with our beautiful banners!

Congratulations to Barudin on your promotion!

And finally, congratulations to Puma for making a comeback, I guess?

Ask and you shall receive!
Courtesy of Tajin

In closing, please enjoy these accoutrements of quotes!

See you in 2020 bitches,