Oct 242019

Yo! It’s t-minus less than two weeks until Rain of Fear launches and we’re feeling the end of the expansion blues. Veil of Alaris was a grueling expansion; it felt like it took too long, the zones were ugly, the aliens were weird and they made us read books. We here at the OGC have strapped on our gumboots and put on our rain coats and we are so ready for the release of Rain of Fear!

Grab a drink, y’all. This is a very long update!

We’re seeing the end of Veil of Alaris take it’s toll on some of the other guilds on the server. As a Fippy refugee, I want to extend my sincerest sympathy. VoA is a dickles expansion, but I promise it gets better in RoF! Hang in there! If your guild decides this is the end of their tenure on Phinigel, we would love to have you here! We are always recruiting, and as a guild make an effort to help anyone get up to speed with levels and information. If you’re interested, check out our forums here, or send Azzira, Wrexyou, Nokkard or Froogle a tell in game. Don’t give up on your Phinny dreams!

We have no idea how Rain of Fear is going to play out. Back on Fippy © , there was a whole mess of staggered releases, reverse releases, staggered re-release, portals poofin’, all that fun stuff. The dev’s have basically said they are pretty sure they have no idea what is going to happen.

However, we’ve been going strong in VoA and kept a full plate of busting through Sepulcher (seh-pull-cur) and lower tiers and collecting all the currencies! We are geared to the teeth and oh, so ready, for Rain of Fear to launch. That isn’t to say we didn’t have fun in Veil of Alaris! This was a very “rich” expansion, with lots of lore and weird looking monsters.

We did have some fun times with Fumerak & his crystal clicking.
That sweet, sweet non-cheese victory of Perfect 1’s in Pillars!

We discovered new things this expansion regarding trophies. Did you know that Powerless trophies are worth 40,000 guild tribute? We did. Did you know that only the person who loots them can turn them in, even after they are placed? Yeah, we did too. It turns out our dear guild leader is a world-class hoarder.


The Satoshi Suicide Bonus™ is still in full effect, and we got quite a bit of use out of it this expansion. Satoshi finds creative ways to get himself and others killed on a regular basis.

We also spent quite a bit of time this expansion working on our reputation for the server! We guest raided a lot, had a lot of guest raiders and in general spent a lot of time in open world zones with friends!

We also want to give a shout out to Echoes of Elysium, my original TLP guild and Citizen’s competition late Fippy era for the great run they had here on Phinigel. We managed to snag some of their players and they have been fantastic additions!

With the upcoming election, the political climate is heavy and several of our members have become more involved in their communities. We pride ourselves on inclusion, I think. We should really just call this what it is: an archive of Terrorem’s Old White Guy ™ comments.

The lore for the upcoming expansion is a bit hazy, it makes about as much sense as the #FreeMoncs campaign. If you haven’t heard, our OpenDKP creator managed to take a permanent vacation to Fiji earlier this month.


So, the lore: basically, in House of Thule we accidentally exploded Cazic, and then it turns out that these book-obsessed aliens wanted his essence to resurrect their God but some of them were like, or nah. So we worked with the or-nah’s and put their Triumvirate to bed while also low-key beating up our own gods.

Either way, we’re here kickin’ it around for the next two weeks. Join us for some good times!

Per the usual, please enjoy our members being moderately entertaining!

PVP at the guild meeting!

See you in Shard’s Landing,

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