Jul 172018

This week we bid adieu to our most glorious loot piñata, Beltron the Shade King.  Proving yet again that the most powerful force for change in TLP is the <Occupy General Channel> guild of consummate professionals.  We managed, in our infinite developer influence, to get yet another decade-old zone changed.

You’re welcome, Coirnav.

Phinigel residents will rejoice in seeing 0.03% less serverwide notifications go out as we downsize our Frostcrypt splits from 3-4 instances, to a more reasonable 2.  Boy, it was a good run while it lasted.  28 Beltron kills in the 6 weeks since TSS launch.

Couple that with our successes in splitting final Lethar and you have a most impressive quantity of raid tier Chest and Legs, such that our alts are now bidding quantities of Dima Kill Points that we haven’t seen spent in a month by members.

The Buried Sea expansion is on the horizon and we’re preparing for the gauntlet that will be the very fast climax of the Level 75 era, making way for Secrets of Faydwer in October. This train has no brakes and the loots must flow but only if you’re signed up for twitter.

Speaking of signing up, this is a great time to apply to the best-worst named guild on Phinigel, the <Organic Grundle Company>.  We have immediate opening for people looking to trade their time for the best loot parties this side of Agnarr.  Here at OGC, we make’n it raaaaain!

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