May 292018

It’s from 1997, you probably haven’t heard of it.  Let me key it up in mumble for you…


Yeaaaaaaaaaaah. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like raiding to a soundtrack.  In between rocking out to such hits as Mmmbop and Achy Breaky Heart courtesy of resident guild pseudo-JackFM deejay Airez, we did some stuff this weekend.



We here at the <Origami Goulash Cryptobux> would like to thank our members for logging in and making this one of the most fun launches that many of us can remember.  Additionally, your humble narrator would like to thank the Greater Phinigel Server Community for agreeing that my call for civility at launch was the right move all along and allowing me to take credit for the relatively civilized and smooth cooperation between all the guilds on the server as we made our way through the tasks.  That was good of you all and you’re welcome for the out of the box approach that worked so much better than Stuffed-Full Relic Main Pick Poopsocks. (That’s my new experimental/prog rock bank name, don’t steal.)


We did so well, in fact that we earned an all-you-can-grind vacation to Depths of Darkhollow’s most luuuuuuxurious hardened secretion hotel and resort.  Just in time, too, for Daybreak to realize that dodging Russian Sanctions and deleting old press releases may keep them in business, but it ain’t keeping no lights on.  For that, you need Digital Funbux, and to drive sales you need bonus XP/Faction/Nameds weekends!

As if we here at <Overachieving Grumpy Cucks> weren’t winning hard enough already, Dear Leader saw fit to declare a People’s State Holiday commemorating our victory over not forgetting to pick up progression tasks before clearing Tier 1 raid targets.  The Great Doing-It-The-Right-Way Revolution will be brought to the E-guilds soon enough, comrades!  Let our victory over the Doing-It-The-Wrong-Ways spread the fires of the glorious People’s Revolution to all guilds.

Soon, brothers and sisters, they will Do-It-The-Right-Way.

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