Oct 242021

It’s been a while since our last update…and let me tell you it’s been a ride boys and girls!

Here’s the TLDR: Had a date with another guild we met on jointraidsonly.com, that date didn’t go well so we left them on read and beat it on our own…the expansion I mean, and Phinigel is now open to server transfers!

So let’s start this update off with a Snowden leak – Dima did a trade skill combine. Soviet Union production is back comrades!

Now on to the juicy details regarding the Claws of Veeshan expansion, which was basically our Velious 2.0 DLC. Somewhere during the pandemonium of Phinigel unlocking CoV, the removal of true box, and the launch of new TLP servers we ended up with a smaller raid force mostly made up of bard boxes. We invited a fellow guild to join us on a joint raid once per a week to take down some of the more difficult targets CoV had to offer. Maybe we missed the fine print, but we weren’t exactly under the impression that Zlandicar required a joint raid force….but that my friends is where this date went wrong. Upon learning about our infidelities with Zlandicar we upset our guild date so much that they up and server transferred over a lock out…and if I’m being honest the memes alone were worth it.

While it was sad to see another guild vanish from Phinigel this story has a happy ending folks! The OGC did what the OGC does best, we strapped on our gats, hired a few applicants off linked-in and went to work – and by work I mean Vulak & Ary are dead and we have completed all raids in CoV! That’s right, we’re a strong independent raid guild who don’t need no man. Did I mention Phinigel has been updated to allow to server transfers from any server now? Better apply, corporate parking spaces are in limited.

Klandicar begins to cast...

We have the finest strats here at the OGC…

I reformatted my computer so you only get a few degenerate chats this update, we’ll do better next time.

We did promise a happy ending – below are the details where can you collect on that...

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May 082021

We have updated our Guild Policy for Torment of Velious.

Many thanks to Satoshi for getting out there and working them streets! For the first time in many expansions we got to see him leave the Guild Lobby. He even got himself a new title. Very Fitting if you ask me.

Torment of Velious was more or less a reprieve from the difficulty of previous expansions, easier content, double the loot! Hooray! However, It was not without its challenges… but something tells me most of the challenges were self inflicted though….

Notably though we did get to see the return of a much grumpier Avatar of War, which was a nice throwback to Velious!

Tier 1 & Tier 3 went down with relative ease, and not having progression meant we could bounce around how we wanted! But at some point we had to jump into Tier 2: Tower of Frozen Shadow.

Last up was our very own EQ Vtuber, and Remmen’s Waifu, Tserrina.

With Tserinna defeated we succesfully completed our last TLP Expansion and cemented OGC as the first and only TLP Guild to clear all content in era and make it to Live. I hope you are all very proud!

We hit Live: CoV May 19th!


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Feb 242021

A more holistic definition of a legacy is when you are genuinely grounded in offering yourself to making a meaningful, lasting and energizing contribution to humanity by serving a cause greater than your own. The requirements of a legacy are that you embrace your uniqueness, passionately immersing your whole self into life so that your gift will be to all and that you take responsibility to ensure that it will have a life beyond that of you, its creator, outliving and outlasting your time on earth.

Mearatas has been defeated!

It is truly humbling, and goes without saying that we have stamped our legacy into the over a decade of TLP’s in Everquest, and TBL was no different. It was grueling, challenging, and at times unpleasant… but I do not wish to make this a long winded update, or boast about our achievements of past and present.

I simply want to acknowledge the fact that every single one of you that has been a part of OGC in the past, as well as our current member base have contributed to the success of this guild and it’s legacy. A heartfelt thank you as well to those that supported us in this accomplishment. We will not forget it. I cannot wait to see what the future holds, and with that, we press on! See you all in Torment of Velious!

Phinigel Mearatas Kill


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