Apr 032023

Well well well…if it isn’t the consequences on my own actions.  I’ve been slacking on updates for a while, so now I have a lot to cover.  Where were we last time?  Phini merged in to Vox and we were looking forward to making some new friends?  *scrolls down to check* yup that’s about right.

So how’s that been going for us?  Great!  We stepped into the boardroom with our best business suites on and closed a few deals.

I want to formally welcome all of the Panda folks who are now officially in OGC!

With that big announcement out of the way let’s talk about what kind of things we’ve been killing.

How did ToL as a whole go for us?

We have a lot of struggles early in ToL due low numbers, with the addition of more people we finished out ToL strong with every event on farm, we even did all the cheevos folks!  (You can come back now Rencor…)

Does Terror of Luclin have a yelp review page?  If so I’d like to leave the following review.  

“There were some enjoyable events (Free the Goranga, AHR, Doomshade), but unfortunately they threw some real turds in there with Zelnithak, Primal Vampire, and Oubliette …can we stop with regular interval stuns and stupid shadow steps?  Let’s just give that a rest for the next…FOREVER.”

2.5 out of 5 stars

Enough about ToL, let’s talk NoS

…Night of Shadows?  Did we buy an expansion or an emo album?

We officially beat all NoS raids and are on farm mode!  Not sure I’m a big fan of specified tradeskill slots dropping rather than ores that you can convert into whichever item you like, but if the goal was to make me emo about the lack of weapon and BP ores dropping, mission successful.

We got an evolving cloak this expansion which is nice, it’s good to see folks out there doing something past the first two weeks of launch.

How about them raids?  We’ve had a blast on the NoS raids. Let’s talk about the Under Siege raid for a sec, this raid that has all the right stuff. I mean we got adds that can be killed with mez, we got an active tanking situation, the whole raid is doing stuff…AND a compliance emote that doesn’t reset the whole damn event.  Take note devs, this is what failing an emote SHOULD do in this game.  Look, you have 3 possible outcomes 1. You comply with the emote and go back to what you were doing with no real impact.  2. You don’t comply, die from the DoT, and we all laugh at you.  3. You get healed through the emote and fail – and the boss heals a little bit.  The raid is only a little upset with you, and some of the necros slip you a krono for padding their parse.  What more could you ask for?

Next stop Vanquisher! (Rencor, this is your chance…don’t miss out)

Anyways let’s just get to the screen shots

NoS Raids

The Fun Stuff

They say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but I think they were wrong… He can apply back but we’ll need an apology video attached to his application.

Nubbins from nibbles…

Fatherhood announcements always get a mixed bag of replies..


Other stuff

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Jul 252022

When I first joined Phinigel at the apex of classic there must have been 30 raiding guilds. Over time guilds started to fade out for any number of reasons (Stop at PoP players jumping ship to new TLPs, poor leadership, or bad strats leading to a lack of progression). Through all of the server attrition OGC stood strong and saw Phinigel to the very end. It’s been a wild ride folks! Phinigel had it’s fair share of funny moments, salty tears, and yes even scandals (none of which OGC were involved in…..probably). While the server is gone our stories will be forever told in every new TLP discord, because their 23rd TLP will never be as memorable as Phinigel.

OGC pioneered the way for how TLP guilds are ran today and we are looking forward to recruiting members to Vox and doing same with live content.

As of 7/19/2022 we spent our last night on Phinigel as the EQ Dev team played the last call song and sent us on our way to Vox. We’re happy to report that we’ve officially arrived to the Vox server (mostly intact)….I still don’t have my shared bank items *cough* HURRY UP AND GIVE ME MY ITEMS BACK *cough*.

How has Vox been so far? Actually it’s great! We now have a bazaar economy, general chat isn’t just full of people in our own guild, and there are actually other people besides us in the guild lobby / PoK. Our time alone in the wild has come to an end!

We also nailed down our first ToL T3 kill last night! A perfectly executed run at Oubliette ended in another victory for the OGC. Well done everyone!

Look I know you didn’t read anything above – you just came here for the screen shots so here they are you degenerates.

“Well done everyone. Room for improvement, but well done.” – Dima
Michael Vick made a guest appearance at our most recent guild meeting, so we had an underground Beastlord pet fight.
What’s a good underground fight without some gambling, and sore losers?
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Jan 302022

Terror of Luclin raids are finally here!  By the way did that whole LUCK-LIN / LOOSE-LIN debate ever get settled? Also apparently there is an entire Akhevan language out there, so if you’ve ever wanted to discuss this long lost language that no one cares about or wants to hear about in the middle of raids….now is your chance to impress the women of Norrath with that big brain of yours.

P.S. DPG if you’re looking for a creative writer to help sell your next expansion, I’m available. Head shot and credentials below.

Moving on… As a TLP guild that made it to live we were excited to hit fresh content, and guess what we found?  That’s right, more goddamn time locked progression.  Like a seductive mistress, the EQ development team has teased our desire for progression by allowing us to only use the T1P (see what I did there?). 

To the developers credit it’s been real nice having 3 separate raid targets in one zone that aren’t required to be killed sequentially, for once we can spend more killing raid targets than we do killing expeditions.

Anyways we have T1 of ToL on lock down and have been spending our additional free time catching some of our new/returning members up on old cheevos, you’re welcome KeLvaEn….

In other news server merges have been announced and Phinigel will be merging into the Vox server.  What does this mean for us?  Great things!  New friends, open raids, and a thriving economy to name a few.  If I’m being honest it will be nice to see someone besides Dima talking in general chat. 

This would also be a great time to mention that we are recruiting! We’ve got the best corporate benefits here at the club folks…get those applications in and join us as we embark on a new adventures on Vox.

Also we can officially dispense with back on Fippy, and replace it with back on Phini. We can reminisce about our time on Phini with things like “Remember back on Phini when Madman and Duprix used to engage in a calm and respectful manner about the finer points of playing a Shadow Knight?”

Anyways let’s get to the good stuff…

Our guild meetings are always professional

Warriors Unite!

The lore in this expansion is lacking and the only cure is more Mayong…..

Remember that time Dima thought there was a Rumblecrush raid in ToL?

Do the AP they said…it will be fun they said….

Bonus Screen Shots!

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Oct 242021

It’s been a while since our last update…and let me tell you it’s been a ride boys and girls!

Here’s the TLDR: Had a date with another guild we met on jointraidsonly.com, that date didn’t go well so we left them on read and beat it on our own…the expansion I mean, and Phinigel is now open to server transfers!

So let’s start this update off with a Snowden leak – Dima did a trade skill combine. Soviet Union production is back comrades!

Now on to the juicy details regarding the Claws of Veeshan expansion, which was basically our Velious 2.0 DLC. Somewhere during the pandemonium of Phinigel unlocking CoV, the removal of true box, and the launch of new TLP servers we ended up with a smaller raid force mostly made up of bard boxes. We invited a fellow guild to join us on a joint raid once per a week to take down some of the more difficult targets CoV had to offer. Maybe we missed the fine print, but we weren’t exactly under the impression that Zlandicar required a joint raid force….but that my friends is where this date went wrong. Upon learning about our infidelities with Zlandicar we upset our guild date so much that they up and server transferred over a lock out…and if I’m being honest the memes alone were worth it.

While it was sad to see another guild vanish from Phinigel this story has a happy ending folks! The OGC did what the OGC does best, we strapped on our gats, hired a few applicants off linked-in and went to work – and by work I mean Vulak & Ary are dead and we have completed all raids in CoV! That’s right, we’re a strong independent raid guild who don’t need no man. Did I mention Phinigel has been updated to allow to server transfers from any server now? Better apply, corporate parking spaces are in limited.

Klandicar begins to cast...

We have the finest strats here at the OGC…

I reformatted my computer so you only get a few degenerate chats this update, we’ll do better next time.

We did promise a happy ending – below are the details where can you collect on that...

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