Oct 192018

Here at the OGC we pride ourselves on our dedication and stamina. With well laid plans and flawless execut…. You know what, fuck it!


With a massive effort from Microsoft Paint, energy drinks, sleeping pills, and some Narcotics I’m sure…. Our member base, and officers a like pulled out all the stops. We lead off Secrets of Faydwer with a bang. Performing a mind numbing 4 split of tier 1 and tier 2 the second night.

With the majority*of us flagged, exhausted, and ready for tier 3. It was time to mass key the guild For MMM and kill us some Robots. As expected our planning and execution was flawless. All the way to the top.

One night of rest and it was time to kill Meldrath. With a total of 33 players in each raid we dominated the scene with a 2 Split in Meldrath Mansion. Meldrath can be a real bitch sometimes, but not a single cog in the raid was out of place.

[Wed Oct 17 17:46:49 2018] Gatorsteve ducks behind Breakneck the Broken.

[Wed Oct 17 17:46:04 2018] Gatorsteve has fallen to the ground.

[Wed Oct 17 17:47:26 2018] Gatorsteve ducks behind Breakneck the Broken.

[Wed Oct 17 17:47:36 2018] Gatorsteve has fallen to the ground.

[Wed Oct 17 17:48:03 2018] Gatorsteve ducks behind Autonomic Special Steam Support Unit.

[Wed Oct 17 17:48:013 2018] Gatorsteve has fallen to the ground.

[Wed Oct 17 17:50:06 2018] Gatorsteve ducks behind Meldrath the Malignant.

[Wed Oct 17 17:50:16 2018] Gatorsteve has fallen to the ground.



↑ Shit head in Question

↓ Shit head killed (Nothing Exciting here)

After 6 Big Bynn’s, 6 Spindlercranks, 4 Meldraths, a long winded suicide letter, and group flagging missions. It was time to head to Crystallos. Where we only Had 26 players. Pushing ourselves to the limit of what we thought possible, we somehow managed to down everything but Kerafyrm Himself, with only 22 flagged players…. what the hell were we thinking!

The final night was upon us and it was time to put the sleeper back to rest.

Scale shouts, ‘KERAFYRM DIES!’

Wrexyou shouts, ‘kerafyrm dies!

Kamahl shouts, ‘Kerafyrm dies!

Thedewd shouts, ‘kerafyrm dies!

Worgaan shouts, ‘Kerafrym DDIIIIIESSSS!

Rencor shouts, ‘Kerafyrm dies!

Vexation shouts, ‘Kerafyrm dies!

Girldailor shouts, ‘KERAFYRM DIES!

Forever shouts, ‘Kerafyrm Dies!

Gratefull shouts, ‘Kerafyrm Dies!

Gatorsteve shouts, ‘kerafyrm dies!

You tell general:1, ‘Kerafyrm Dies!

Great work OGC on the record breaking Secrets of Faydwer Expansion Clear!










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Aug 292018



We here at OGC have been pretty busy since the launch of TBS. With all the excitement of ship to ship battles, we forgot to post an update on how we did in TBS.

With the dedication and hard work from all of our members getting on test and perfecting our strategy, we achieved server first Solteris clear.

Thank you to all of our members for making this one of, if not the most successful launch to date.


Since the server first kill things have gotten a little Wild, to say the least.

But check out all of the Treasures we’ve achieved.


A certain druid (Fuddwin) may have delayed the split message by about 15 seconds, but the deed was done none the less. We would have Ansata council him on how to /open, but she obtained the server first Ball of Sunlight. The druids in OGC are WILD!


We decided that 2-splitting Two-Gods was just to low key and old fashioned, so being the swell guy he is Satoshi decided we’d see if we could pull off a three split. Needless to say, it was a success. Many phosphenes were obtained this night.


So now we add Solteris as a new loot pinata and we continue to pound Ashengate and Frostcrypt in preparation for Secrets of Faydwer.

There has never been a better time to join OGC than now!

Reach out to Ansata , Azzira , Froogle or Talanaa in game for any additional questions you may have.



Jul 172018

This week we bid adieu to our most glorious loot piñata, Beltron the Shade King.  Proving yet again that the most powerful force for change in TLP is the <Occupy General Channel> guild of consummate professionals.  We managed, in our infinite developer influence, to get yet another decade-old zone changed.

You’re welcome, Coirnav.

Phinigel residents will rejoice in seeing 0.03% less serverwide notifications go out as we downsize our Frostcrypt splits from 3-4 instances, to a more reasonable 2.  Boy, it was a good run while it lasted.  28 Beltron kills in the 6 weeks since TSS launch.

Couple that with our successes in splitting final Lethar and you have a most impressive quantity of raid tier Chest and Legs, such that our alts are now bidding quantities of Dima Kill Points that we haven’t seen spent in a month by members.

The Buried Sea expansion is on the horizon and we’re preparing for the gauntlet that will be the very fast climax of the Level 75 era, making way for Secrets of Faydwer in October. This train has no brakes and the loots must flow but only if you’re signed up for twitter.

Speaking of signing up, this is a great time to apply to the best-worst named guild on Phinigel, the <Organic Grundle Company>.  We have immediate opening for people looking to trade their time for the best loot parties this side of Agnarr.  Here at OGC, we make’n it raaaaain!

May 292018

It’s from 1997, you probably haven’t heard of it.  Let me key it up in mumble for you…


Yeaaaaaaaaaaah. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like raiding to a soundtrack.  In between rocking out to such hits as Mmmbop and Achy Breaky Heart courtesy of resident guild pseudo-JackFM deejay Airez, we did some stuff this weekend.



We here at the <Origami Goulash Cryptobux> would like to thank our members for logging in and making this one of the most fun launches that many of us can remember.  Additionally, your humble narrator would like to thank the Greater Phinigel Server Community for agreeing that my call for civility at launch was the right move all along and allowing me to take credit for the relatively civilized and smooth cooperation between all the guilds on the server as we made our way through the tasks.  That was good of you all and you’re welcome for the out of the box approach that worked so much better than Stuffed-Full Relic Main Pick Poopsocks. (That’s my new experimental/prog rock bank name, don’t steal.)


We did so well, in fact that we earned an all-you-can-grind vacation to Depths of Darkhollow’s most luuuuuuxurious hardened secretion hotel and resort.  Just in time, too, for Daybreak to realize that dodging Russian Sanctions and deleting old press releases may keep them in business, but it ain’t keeping no lights on.  For that, you need Digital Funbux, and to drive sales you need bonus XP/Faction/Nameds weekends!

As if we here at <Overachieving Grumpy Cucks> weren’t winning hard enough already, Dear Leader saw fit to declare a People’s State Holiday commemorating our victory over not forgetting to pick up progression tasks before clearing Tier 1 raid targets.  The Great Doing-It-The-Right-Way Revolution will be brought to the E-guilds soon enough, comrades!  Let our victory over the Doing-It-The-Wrong-Ways spread the fires of the glorious People’s Revolution to all guilds.

Soon, brothers and sisters, they will Do-It-The-Right-Way.