Mar 262016

What a great time we’ve been having in Kunark!
At launch some of us decided to not sleep for a couple days, consume many redbull, and stack corpses.
We were also able to knock out a few Server first Epics!


We have all Kunark mobs on farm status, here are some corpse pics. 

Venril Sathir





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Feb 252016

Maybe you have grouped with some of us as you were coming up in the game. 
You might of even asked yourself, who are these crazy ass peeps called OGC!

Well I ask you, when you hear the words “Original Gangster” what comes to mind?
This is what Google, the greatest mind, has to say: 


So who is The Original Gangster Club? 
We are a Everquest Raiding guild, with the WORST guild name in the history of MMOs. 
And we’re 90% certain our guild leader is a Russian spy. 

However, that does not stop us from being one of the top raiding guilds on this server.
We’ve had all Classic content on farm since early Jan, we split raid most targets, and some of us even raided
through Christmas, can’t get much more gangster than that!

We’ve had a good few months farming in PoSKY. 
I think this pic sums it up quite well. 


We are all extremely excited to push long and hard into Kunark!
Its not to late to join OGC, all you have to do is meet the level requirements and make it through our initiation.

Sadly not everyone is meant to become a Gangster. See you in Kunark!


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Feb 042016


We are having a blast on this TLP, it really is the best one to date. Some are getting a bit burnt on the Classic content, which is why we are excited to have some new content to hit in less than a month from now! The race to 60 should be fun, and I wonder how many people will be making that iskar race change?

Also its still not to late to join us! Recruitment is still OPEN so check out the forums and fill out an APP today.

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